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In order to aid dog-owners with the task of keeping their dogs nice and clean the DARADO company developed an innovative washing system for dogs. The self-serve dog-washing system has been developed with the dog's and the owner's needs in mind. The DARADO self-serve dog-washing system is a cabin, which helps the owner of a dog to groom their pet for a low price and with little effort. Every component of the device has a special task and supports dog owners in providing the necessary care for their pets.


Dog small Ramp Ramp


Especially with large dogs the problems of a dog wash start with the entry into the bath tub. The edge of the tub is too high for the dog to climb inside but with a jump of the dog, the bath tub is going to get nasty scratches. This is why the dog owner has to lift the dog into the bath tub, a difficult task seen as a large dog boasts a large weight.
What follows are nasty back pains for both young and old people. To prevent these DARADO has designed a special ramp for its dog-washing systems, which allows the dog to enter the wash tub all by itself. The ramp is also equipped with a non-slip material that is similar to that on skateboards, which prevents slips and falls even if your dog's paws are still wet after the wash.

Dog small Wash tub Wash tub

Wash tub

Due to the bent or kneeling position during the wash at home, people often complain about pain in the back or knees. To prevent these problems DARADO dog-washing systems have been designed to be ergonomically beneficial.
The tub of the dog-washing system is positioned at a height that is very comfortable for the person washing the dog. During the whole wash the dog owner is standing in an upright position without any strain on their back or knees and can take as much time as he/she wants.

Just like the ramp the tub is equipped with a layer of non-slip material that is similar to that on skateboards. This way your dog can stand safely and comfortably during the whole wash. Even during a very foamy bath your dog is never in danger of falling and injuring itself.

Dog small Operating panel Operating panel

Operating panel

To operate the self-serve dog-washing system you ought to press the buttons on the operating panel, which also contains the coin slot and a time display with four green lamps. For the care of your dog you can pick from different programmes:

okShampoo and Water
okHair drying

After inserting a coin or chip you press a button of your choice, for example "Water". Then you can wash your dog just like at home. You pay for the amount of time needed and you can switch between all programmes at any time.

Please ask the operator of your local dog-washing system whether coins or chips are used for the device.

Dog small Shower Shower


The most important part of a dog wash is of course the shower. It supplies you with the ideal amount of water, which is already heated to a comfortable temperature of 38°C. This is the ideal temperature for the wash of a dog.
When you select the programme "Shampoo and Water" the shampoo is automatically mixed into the water that flows through the shower. This way an even and thorough cleaning of the dog's fur is achieved. The DARADO company only uses an organic shampoo that has been developed especially for dogs.

The shower is flexible and can be moved freely so you can reach all bodily parts of your dog. By applying a light amount of pressure on the lever of the shower you can adjust the amount of water that you need to wash your dog.

Dog small Hair dryer Hair dryer

Hair dryer

The integrated hair dryer is especially powerful for dog fur. Both temperature and strength of the dryer are adjusted in a way that allows for a quick and efficient drying of the dog.

An important advantage of this dryer over a domestic hair dryer lies in its low noise level. There is only a little bit of noise because the dryer is mounted inside the operating cabinet and noise-isolated from the user. This way your dog has a pleasant and relaxed grooming experience.

Just like the shower, the hair dryer can be moved freely to dry your dog's fur from head to paw.