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1. Which advantages does the use of the dog-washing system have in comparison to the wash at home?

From our point of view the dog care in the dog-washing system boasts several advantages over the conventional wash in the domestic bathtub.
First the dog has to be lifted into the tub at home; this is a task, which can be rather problematic, depending on the size and weight of the dog. This problem has been solved by our dog-washing system through the use of a gently sloped ramp that allows your dog to enter the tub on its own.
Due to a kneeling or bent position during the wash at home many people complain of back aches and pain in their knee joints. Such problems are avoided with the ergonomic design of the dog-washing system, where the dog is positioned 80cm over the ground right in front of its owner. The edge of the tub is 92cm over the ground and protects you from spraying water, dirt and foam.
Another problem of washing the dog at home is water and dirt. It is not unusual to have to clean the whole bathroom after a dog wash, a task that nobody enjoys. After cleaning your dog in the dog-washing cabin you can leave with a clean dog and no additional work. Easy, comfortable and uncomplicated!

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2. Is the dog being washed automatically?

No, our dog-washing system is not an automatic device but a self-serve washing cabin. The dog is washed autonomously by its owner. This has the advantage that the dog is being washed by a person it trusts and has a more relaxed experience.

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3. How long does a wash take?

A wash takes about 10 to 20 minutes with a small dog. For large dogs with a long fur you would have to count with 30 to 45 minutes. However drying takes up the most of this time, depending on the breed of your dog (for example Newfoundlanders need a lot of time to dry due to their thick and long double-coat).

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4. Which coins are accepted?

The following coins are accepted: 50 cents, 1€ and 2€.

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5. Is the ramp safe?

Yes, there is a layer of non-slip material attached to the ramp, which is also used in the production of skateboards and very slip resistant. Even with wet paws your dog will have no problems walking down the ramp.

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6. Can I wash very large and heavy dogs too?

The dog-washing system has been constructed to be able to carry dogs up to a weight of 80kg, this means that large and heavy dogs can be washed without a problem. Through the attached ramp the dogs can also enter and leave the cabin without having to lift them up.

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7. What if my dog jumps out of the tub?

It is the responsibility of the owner to make sure that their dog is attached to the leash that is provided for inside the cabin. This leash is securely mounted and makes sure that your dog will not jump out of the cabin during the wash. The provided leash also has the advantage that your own leash stays dry during the wash.

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8. Is the hairdryer suited for thick and long fur too?

The dryer used in the dog-washing system has been developed especially for drying long furs. It has an output of 2800 Watts and an air flow of 300 Litres per minute. This way it is ensured that dogs can be dried quickly even with long and thick coats.

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9. Which shampoo is provided for the wash?

Our used shampoo contains only organic ingredients and has been developed especially for dog care.

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10. How does one use the device?

You first insert a coin (50 cents, 1€, 2€) but the minimum fee is at 1 Euro. For the average dog wash you will need about 5-10€, depending on the size of your dog and the texture of its fur.
There are three options for your wash: Water / Shampoo + Water / Hair dryer. You can start your washing programme with any of these options. You can also switch at any time between these options during your wash. When the timer stops your wash is over and all programmes will be automatically stopped.
If you need more time or want to wash again you simply put more coins into the machine.

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11. Do I have to pay 5 Euros for every wash?

No, the smallest washing unit is available at only 1€. This has the advantage that you can, for example, rinse your dog's paws after a walk and do not have to pay the full 5€ for a normal wash.

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12. Do I have to schedule an appointment for the dog wash?

No, the dog-washing system is accessible for everyone and you do not have to schedule an appointment. You simply come and see whether one of the cabins is free. If you find a free cabin simply occupy it and start your wash. Should all cabins be occupied just wait a few minutes and take the one that is going to be free.

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13. How is the tub cleaned from hair and dirt?

The tub is equipped with a second floor on which the dog is standing during the wash. Underneath it you can find the floor of the actual tub and the integrated filter. The filter prevents hair and dirt getting into the wastewater pipe and clogging it. To clean the filter you simply lift the second floor up and clean the filter.
Another advantage of the second floor is that loose hair and dirt is immediately washed away from the dog and towards the filter. This way your dog will not stand in its own hair and dirt and the next user is presented a clean and hygienic dog-washing cabin.

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